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Timeline for Kansas’ goal of eliminating income taxes uncertain

Although Gov. Sam Brownback said he promised to continue Kansas’ “march to zero” income taxes in his annual State of the State address, his top aides are uncertain of when the state will meet those goals according to the Little Apple Post.

Brownback’s new tax proposals abandoned most of the cuts in personal income tax that were scheduled for the next three years. His proposals also divert revenues to a rainy day budget fund ahead of future reductions.

House to consider bill for in-state tuition for veterans in Kansas

Veterans and their families stationed in Kansas could soon be eligible to pay in-state tuition to public colleges, even if they are not originally from Kansas, according to the Junction City Post.

The Kansas Commision on Veterans Affairs asked the House to consider a bill that would put the state in compliance with the Veterans, Choice and Accountability Act, also called the Choice Act.

The Choice Act covers veterans and their spouses or children who enroll in a higher learning institution wherever they’re stationed within three years after the veteran has been discharged for 90 or more days of service.

Chiropractors could soon be allowed to clear Kansas athletes with concussions

Debate on a bill in Topeka could allow chiropractors to clear middle and high school athletes to return to sports after head injuries, according to the Little Apple Post.

Chiropractors are currently able to diagnose and treat concussions, but are not allowed to sign the form to release their patients to play or practice. The state’s sport statutes currently allows only medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine to sign the clearance.

Brian Payne, immediate past president of the Kansas Chiropractic Association, said chiropractic physicians go through an extensive training period and programs hold a “stringent education requirement.”

Rep. Jim Ward, democrat from Wichita said the future of the bill will depend on the amount of confidence lawmakers have in chiropractors to diagnose and treat head injuries.

Officials investigate Friday fire

Officials are investigating the cause of a fire that occured on Friday evening in a Manhattan home, according to the Junction City Post.

Fire officials were dispatched to the home after 8:30 p.m., where they found the one-story home with smoke and fire showing on the exterior wall.

The fire was contained within 30 minutes. The house was occupied at the time but residents were able to exit without injury.

The fire resulted in an estimated loss $50,000 to the structure of the home and $3,000 to its contents.