DIY Valentine’s Day gifts ideas

Gummy worms in a jar is a great option for a DIY gift. An inexpensive bag of gummy worms and a repurposed jar are all it takes to get a fun gift your crush will love! (George Walker | The Collegian)

In college, the underlying fact is that everyone (for the most part) is pinching pennies. Valentine’s Day seems to be a holiday that is big on spending the pennies instead of saving them, especially if you’re in a relationship. That being said, there are still meaningful gifts you can make that are inexpensive to make for Valentine’s Day.

For the person who wants to give loads of unique Valentines

Take a box of Dollar Tree glow sticks ($1) and print off silhouettes from Eighteen25 that said, “You Light Up My Life.” Either color the light bulb illustration in with markers or fill it with glitter ($2). Lastly, cut a small slit in the top and bottom of the sheet and place the glow stick through.

For the sentimental music lover, boy or girl.

A meaningful mix CD is a gift that will never go out of style. Create your own original mix, and head to Design Mom where you can print a “My Heart Beats For You” CD sleeve from a printable PDF. Cut along the dashed lines, fold and glue. Write the playlist on the back when you’re finished. Don’t forget to add Band of Horses’ classic, “No One’s Ever Gonna Love You.”

For the cheesy mason jar lover.

Fill up a mason jar ($1) with Valentine candy corn ($2.50 to $2.99 at Target). Then, print your own DIY labels that have cute messages like, “It may be corny, but I love you.” Either top the mason jar with this label, or place the label on the belly of the jar. To go a step further, print this note with a Valentine themed background.

For the gummy worm lover

The classic “Hooked on You” is always a great option for anyone who loves gummy worms. This DIY is simple and straightforward. All you need is a bag or two of gummy worms of your choice ($1.99), a pail (found at Target, Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby for $1 to $3) and a printed label (can be found at Lil’ Luna). Fill the pail with gummy worms. Adhere the lid closed. Print off the label, and wrap it around the pail and voila!

For the coupon lover

Coupon books are always a cute and easy gift for those who are forgetful. I Heart Nap Time has an awesome free printable coupon book called, “The Book of Love.” You can download their awesome coupon book for free from their website. Some coupons include: movie night, date night planned by you and even a wild card for you to fill in! To go a notch further, buy some card stock form Hobby Lobby (.99 cents-$1.99) and print it on high quality paper.

There you have it folks! These are just a few of the affordable and thoughtful DIY gifts to lavish on your loved ones with. Remember, that Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love to everyone first, and sweet DIY gifts second.