Incorporate Marsala into your wardrobe

Photo credit: Sonia Kumar

Pantone has been notorious as the “color authority” for decades. Since 1999, Pantone has been deciding on a color of the year with very meticulous research. Last year was the year of radiant orchid, 2013 was a gorgeous shade of emerald and 2015 is an incredible shade of terra-cotta red named Marsala. Marsala is by far the most wearable and neutral shade in years, actually allowing a proper integration into many aspects of beauty, decor and fashion.

“This earthy red has wine and a very warm brown underneath, which gives the feeling of groundedness, strength and confidence,” Leatrice Eisman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute, said in a Yahoo! article. “It has a richness that lends sophistication.”

Incorporating this modern color into your wardrobe, home and makeup routine will spice up your 2015.

“I love the color Pantone selected for this year,” Kylee Darger, sophomore in apparel and textiles, said. “I like the dark hue bit, also the softness of the color. A very different take from the bolder colors they usually choose.”


Although many may be hesitant to add a “muddy” red into their lives, don’t be hesitant to add Marsala to your makeup kit. Every year, Sephora and Pantone team up to make quite an extensive collection for color of the year. This year they seemed to put deeper thought and emphasis on this collection, ensuring that the collection wouldn’t hit the clearance section as fast.

The eight-piece collection includes a huge, incredible eyeshadow palette, mascara, eyeliner, layering lip sticks, blush set and an angled brush. On the downside, many of these products were a big hit and sold out quickly. That being said, there are many alternatives on the Sephora site on the topic of “color of the year.” One of my favorites is the Kat Von D Monarch palette ($46), which I can attest is a great neutral palette and alternative to the Naked palettes.

Try switching it up and buying a toned down shade of red from OCC cosmetics or Urban Decay similar to Marsala for a night out instead of the normal bright red. Who knows, you might like that shade better.


A muddy terra-cotta red deserves all the praise and focus.

“Marsala makes for an elegant, grounded statement color when used on its own or as a strong accent to many other colors,” Eiseman said.

Try finding pieces that showcase the color, like dresses, cardigans and long sweaters. Fast fashion brands like H&M; and Forever 21 are putting out some pieces for the “Marsala Lovers” that are actually very stylish and durable for their price.

For men, try starting simple with T-shirts and sweaters. Marsala looks great on any skin tone since it is a neutral color. Esquire Magazine suggests a V-neck sweater and chinos for the bold and brave. If you’re afraid to commit to a new color, try rocking a crew neck.


Accessorize if you’re afraid of buying clothing in Marsala. The rich color looks fabulous in a floppy hat, but it is truly versatile. This color can be seen on a gorgeous wallet, a pair of heels, on your nails in Essie’s “In Stitches” or Deborah Lippman’s “Let’s Misbehave” and even on your neck for $2.99 from Forever 21.

For those nervous about the durability of the color, especially in your wardrobe, start small. Paint your nails or buy a top in the color. If you love it, buy more. You’d be surprised how many retailers enjoy producing garments in this gorgeous shade.