From the president’s desk


Dear Wildcats,

Happy K-State Proud Week! Don’t forget to stop by the Proud booth in the K-State Student Union to make a donation to support this awesome cause. In its eight years, Proud has helped more than 400 students continue their education at K-State despite circumstances that put that chance in jeopardy. Please take this chance to help fellow students in their time of need and pick up a cool T-shirt in the deal.

To kick this week’s letter off, we’re happy to announce that the Lifeline 911 bills we’ve advocated for throughout our term have passed the House and Senate judiciary committees. This means the bills will go to the House and Senate floors to be voted upon. If these two legislative bodies vote in favor of them, they’ll go to Gov. Sam Brownback’s desk to be signed into law.

We’re close to achieving one of our biggest platform goals, but we need your help to get the rest of the way. Write or email your legislators and tell them you’re in favor of these bills, which give underage Kansans the peace of mind to seek help in an alcohol-related emergency. If you’re not sure of who your representatives are, go to and enter your address.

While we wait for the bills to become state law, we’re working with Student Governing Association’s attorney general, Gerald Mashange, to add the Lifeline 911 policy to the Student Code of Conduct.

We’re also working with other Kansas Board of Regents institutions, and Washburn University, to implement a policy that would prevent students who have been expelled or suspended for non-academic reasons from enrolling at another Kansas school. This will keep students safe by ensuring that individuals with a history of violent or unsavory behavior don’t wind up on our campuses. Exceptions can be made if student life professionals deem the individual not to be a threat to the community. We plan to propose this policy to KBOR in March.

That’s all for now. Have a great week, and keep up the great work you do to make K-State the awesome place it is!

Reagan Kays, student body president

Cody Kennedy, student body vice president