Inaugural Mr. West Hall features students’ talents

Alex Wakim, sophomore in applied music, plays a song on the piano during the Mr. West Hall competition. Wakim won the competition on March 2, 2015, and will have a plaque with his name hanging in West Hall. (Mason Swenson | The Collegian)

Monday night, Bessie B. West Hall staff launched the hall’s first Mr. West Hall competition.

Much like in a pageant, six men competed in various activities that ranged from how they were dressed to what talents they possessed. Alex Wakim, sophomore in applied music, was crowned Mr. West Hall. Wakim was followed by Eric Shulman, freshman in music, in second place and Noah Lindquist, freshman in music education, in third place.

“West held the competition to display the talents the members of the community,” Alyssa Loper, junior in family studies, said. “The members of West love competition.”

That sense of competitiveness was felt by the Mr. West Hall audience, even through the goofy vibe the contestants gave off. This was especially true in round one where the contestants kicked off the pageant in pajamas.

“I love having an excuse to dress up and mess around with my friends, so this seemed like the perfect way to spend my Monday night,” Shulman said.

The second round centered around the talent competition and casual dress. The men competed with a variety of musical talents, from rocking a guitar to a piano number, as well as crafting a beautiful rose out of clay and choreographing a synchronized dance. According to Shane Tennyson, sophomore in business administration, talent that the members in the West community have is “award-winning.”

In the following third round, contestants wore suits and answered a question from one of the three judges. The participants were judged on professionalism, character and talent.

Since it was the competition’s first year, the judging guidelines were loose and not very specific.

During the Q&A round, the crowd got involved by cheering the contestants on.

“West is a different community, we are a community within a community and support one another,” Loper said.

Wakim said that the contest was advertised with posters throughout the residence halls and students interested in competing contacted their resident assistant about getting involved. Due to West being such a supportive and involved community, the members enjoy spending time together in events like this.

“The contest was very entertaining,” Christian Hansen, freshman in mechanical engineering, said.