Selling clothes cleans closets, makes money


We’ve all done it. We’ve bought something on impulse, worn it a few times, didn’t really like it and then pushed it to the back of our closets to forget that we even made the mistake of buying it. But what if your mistakes could be resold? What if we could sell clothes or swap them for new pieces that make us feel inspired?

Well ladies and gents, I have some good news. Your mistakes can be resold, and not just obnoxiously on K-State Facebook groups.

Behold the online world of the 21st century. There are resale sites for every kind of shopper nowadays. From those who want to get rid of a few pieces, the over-shoppers, the designer savvy and even just those looking to peruse.

According to the NY Daily News, “The sites also offer a faster way to sell than consignment stores, where shoppers can wait for months to have items sold and reap no more than 50 percent of the resale price. With the sites, items often sell within days and shoppers get as much as 80 percent of the resale value.”

The best thing about the online realm is that you reach an audience that isn’t just in your area. Someone will eventually buy that 5-year-old handbag you’ve had on your shelf for ages. Or they’ll favorite it, and when its discounted enough then they’ll buy it.


Twice is a terrific place for those looking to sell items on the pricier side. According to the Twice website, they take clothes from Coach, J-Crew, Anthropologie, Free People, Zara and more. Twice actually takes the clothes you choose to send them (for free; they send a shipping label), do all the labelling and photographs and you’re pretty much done. The site even has a calculator that tells you what you can earn from each item and brand. The downside is that you may get a fairly low offer, but you are cleaning out your closet and making some money, too.


Poshmark is great for sellers and buyers, especially those looking for a good deal. Poshmark lets you upload just about any brand you desire without restrictions. Don’t want to pay full price for an item, or you’re looking for something specific? Someone on Poshmark probably has exactly what you’re looking for, and it may even be new with tags.

Poshmark is also striking for college students because you can sell more than just clothes. Here, you can basically sell anything someone might want to buy, including perfumes, nail polish and lotions. You can even negotiate with sellers on item prices. While Poshmark takes a 20 percent commission, it sends you a shipping label that you can pop in the mail, according to an article on

That being said, not all Poshmark users are nice and active, so make sure to know when items were last updated, and ask questions. Also, Poshmark’s communication level with buyer and seller do not enable a messaging system. You can only comment on the item, and its return policy is very gray.


Although the name “Vinted” might imply vintage, Vinted is one of the few resell sights that embraces any brand. All you have to do is take pictures (stock photos are removed), write a description and your item is good to go. You can choose to swap clothes or cash out. The shipping is not free, and Vinted takes 19 percent commission on sales, according to the website Sales-aholic. On the other hand, Vinted can also transfer payments into your bank account, which is well worth the commission.

Communication with sellers is encouraged with private messaging and forums. Vinted is a great and easy platform for anyone wanting to resell items, with a great variety if you want to shop as well. Some members also have diverse vintage stores.


Chicsha is the new Facebook for reselling clothes. Gone are the old days of listing clothes on Facebook. Register with your .edu email and wait to be approved as a vendor. Then you can list your items directly to your university’s name, and even shop from other sellers. Chicsha’s motto is to “Love again.” If you’re feeling ambivalent towards secondhand clothes, their motto and fun interactive website will have you thinking otherwise.

According to an article from the La La with Chicsha founder Shona Sinha, “If you pick from your own university, you can arrange to pick it up in person on campus. If you want to purchase from a university other than your own, you’ll just pay the shipping costs to have it shipped directly to you.” Chicsha uses Paypal as payment method.

It’s basically, “like a marketplace for thrifty college students. Thrifty and trendy college students,” according to the article.

Bib + Tuck

Bib + Tuck is one of my personal favorites for resale. I’ve found that the quirkier the piece is, the better it does on here. Bib + Tuck takes mainly designer and higher-end brands, like ASOS, Topshop and Lululemon. Though Bib + Tuck sends you a prepaid shipping label, it takes 15 percent percent commission, according to Buzzfeed.

That being said, the site is fun and interactive. It also features cool fashionistas on the site and you can shop these closets exclusively!

You don’t have to giveaway or donate your clothes to make space in your closet. By reselling your clothes, you can clear space and get some quick cash.

Sonia Kumar is a sophomore in apparel, textiles and marketing.