99 bottles of green beer on the wall

Ben Gatz, senior in marketing, pours drinks in preparation for the Fake Patty's Day festivities at Porters Bar & Deli on Mar. 5, 2015. (Nicholas Cady | The Collegian)

Everyone’s to-do list before Fake Patty’s Day is a little different. Students are buying wristbands and stocking up on booze, while the Riley County Police Department is recruiting more security from all over the state.

Aggieville, however, may have one of the largest tasks when it comes to celebrating the holiday: having to quench the thirst of thousands of partygoers.

A survey conducted by the Kansas State Collegian collected information from 10 different bars located in Aggieville. Employees from each establishment were asked a number of different questions to get a feel for the preparation behind the drunken holiday.

Seventy percent of the employees said that they had over 65 people, on average, in their bars at any given time. Brett Allred, owner of Johnny Kaw’s, said his bar had over 900 people attend their Fake Patty’s Day party last year.

“Greatest day of the year,” Allred said.

Some bars spend upwards of $40,000 to prepare for the onslaught of intoxicated students. O’Malley’s pre-ordered 50 cases of liquor, and The Goose is preparing by making 300 jello shots.

Mixed drinks and beer seem to be the prime choices of most bar patrons during the all-day drinking fest, but other more festive drinks are popular as well. Porter’s most popular drinks last year were green beer and bombs, a shot in an already-mixed drink.

“It’s like country stampede but in green; a mess,” Jackie Peterson, bartender at Eighteen63 and senior in mass communications, said.

Most of the bars are crowded during the afternoon, but extra security and bouncers is a must for all the bars to handle the drunk students occupying them.

“(It’s) awful,” Amber Roberts, waitress at So Long Saloon and senior in business management, said. “Too many belligerent people.”

Although the idea of St. Patrick’s Day is somewhat lost in the sea of alcohol that is Fake Patty’s Day, not all bars fear those trying to celebrate in Aggieville.

“Fake Patty’s Day is a great way for the Kansas State student body to enjoy the traditions and culture of St. Patrick’s Day,” Darren McCall, manager at Keltic Star said. “Since the university’s spring break typically occurs around the 17, Fake Patty’s Day gives students the chance to celebrate the holiday with their fellow wildcats.”

Despite the festive atmosphere, K-State students should be careful this Fake Patty’s Day.

“It’s like storming the basketball court, but everybody’s wearing green and KU can’t get mad about it,” Ben Gatz, senior in marketing and bartender at Porter’s, said.

Unlike the basketball game, there are serious consequences to reckless behavior. Avoid binge drinking, pace yourself and don’t drink on an empty stomach. Fake Patty’s Day is meant to be a fun, celebratory day.

“It’s a day you’ll never remember, but won’t want to miss,” Alyx Johnson, manager at Tubby’s Sports Bar, said.