Some Aggieville businesses will adjust hours for Fake Patty’s Day


Fake Patty’s Day, historically, packs the bars and restaurants of Aggieville. There are numerous other businesses lining Moro Street, though, that have to analyze how Saturday’s festivities will affect their storefront. The Dusty Bookshelf, Bluestem Bistro and Sisters of Sound Records are just three businesses that recently adjusted their hours for Fake Patty’s Day.

The Dusty Bookshelf closed all day last year for the first time, according to Sarah Wilson, manager of the bookstore.

“It’s not exactly a holiday where people want to go book browsing,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the real St. Patrick’s Day is a better, family-friendly holiday for the Dusty Bookshelf. She said that although the morning of Fake Patty’s Day does have a festival atmosphere, the bookstore doesn’t have much to contribute to the celebrations.

“Money wise, I think Fake Patty’s Day has a real positive impact on Aggieville,” Wilson said. “It’s tradition. We might not be open, but we’re probably one of the few. The bars and restaurants thrive from the weekend.”

The Dusty Bookshelf isn’t the only business that said its clientele doesn’t parallel Fake Patty’s Day’s atmosphere. Bluestem Bistro, described on its Facebook page as “a classy, laid-back atmosphere, where you can dine on fresh cuisine, great espresso drinks or local brews,” also does not fit well with Fake Patty’s Day.

According to Keith Sutton, manager of Bluestem Bistro, his regulars normally study or conduct meetings on an average day, and will most likely avoid Aggieville on Fake Patty’s Day.

Sutton said the coffee shop will most likely close at 5 p.m. or sooner on Saturday, a new decision after some trouble with “riff raff” the last couple of years. Additionally, unlike past years, Bluestem will not run its walk-up window on Saturday night. The window is typically open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., serving a variety of specialty food items.

Although it will have different hours on Saturday for Fake Patty’s Day, Sutton said Bluestem Bistro will conduct business as normal in the morning.

“Maybe we can provide a safe haven,” Sutton said. “A place people can find a quiet spot; maybe sober up if that’s needed.”

Sutton said before his time working at Bluestem, someone was sick in one of the sinks – which was the final straw. After that incident, the bistro has not stayed open during the evening on Fake Patty’s Day.

While some businesses are changing their hours on Fake Patty’s Day, others will run business as normal. Store hours at Coldstone and Subway are posted to be the same on Saturday.

Others, however, are keeping their doors locked for the day. Sisters of Sound Records employee Tori Johnson said it’s forgoing being open due to poor business in the past.

“It’s a hassle,” Johnson said. “People come in just to use your bathrooms. It’s more intrusive than business.”