Spring break stay-cation can revitalize health

Depending on your preferences, spring break can be a week of relaxation. Spas, such as the Planet Beach Spa in Manhattan, are a popular way to find refreshment during spring break. (Nicholas Cady | The Collegian)

For some, spring break will bring the relaxing sound of waves caressing a beach. For others, the sound of waves may be coming from a CD player sitting next to a sun chair in the backyard.

Even without lavish travel plans for spring break, there are many ways to relax, both in the privacy of your own home and around Manhattan.

To begin, the week off is a great time to concentrate on family. Elena Andrus, junior in apparel and textiles, is planning on staying home for break and do exactly that.

“My biggest focus over break is family,” Andrus said. “I spend a lot of time on things for school and work and don’t really get to focus on my daughter or husband at all, so I really want to get quality time in with them. If it is warm enough, my family may go out fishing or driving through the country. We have a book of all the ghost towns in Kansas and eventually want to visit them all – even if there is nothing left.”

In addition to family time, there are places in Manhattan that provide relaxing services.

“(Student) can come to Planet Beach and they can do a day at the spa, which is really relaxing,” Sara Rauch, owner of Planet Beach, said. “Just to name a few services, they could do the hydration station, which is a vitamin steam bath that hydrates your skin and prepares it for the UV therapy, which is the UV tanning.”

Planet Beach, located at 324 Southwind Place by Target, also offers a HydroMassage bed, spray tanning, red light therapy, facial rejuvenation, teeth whitening and an oxygen bar.

Another place in town that also offers a lot of relaxation services extended is Salon Essentials, located at 121 S. Seth Child Road.

“I would definitely recommend a mani-pedi,” said Edith Tessman, massage therapist and cosmetologist at Salon Essentials. “I like the spa pedicure a lot, because you get a scrub, a mask, a foot treatment and massage. I would definitely suggest getting a hot stone massage or just a Swedish massage. Facials are great, too.”

Women are not the only ones who can benefit from the services offered at Planet Beach and Salon Essentials.

“I think that pedicures are great for guys,” Tessman said. “Massages and facials are also great for guys.”

Rauch has male costumers who come in to experience a variety of relaxation services.

“A lot of our guys that come in here like to do the sauna, and they also like to do the UV therapy,” Rauch said. “The HydroMassage is a big hit, as well.”

According to Rauch, men appear to like the oxygen therapy, too. It has five different flavors of oxygen administered through a nose hose to help with relaxation, migraines and is also a great hangover relief.

If you just want to relax at home, there are things you can do there, too. Tessman suggests getting a bottle of wine, grabbing a movie from Redbox or watching Netflix and staying in to cook dinner.

If you are on a budget over spring break and do not want to spend much money, Tessman recommends going to coffee shops to hang out and relax. She also said you can get facial masks from Walmart, as well as give yourself an at-home pedicure.

Even if you are not going anywhere, don’t have any set plans and are on a budget, you can still have a relaxing spring break. There are many things to do in town and at home during the break from school everyone has been needing.

“Staying home might not sound like a lot of fun, but it will be a small change in routine and I can’t wait,” Andrus said.

Hello! I'm Morgan Bell, a senior at K-State majoring in journalism. I'm currently a copy editor and writer for The Collegian.