One Hale of a library: K-State Library nationally recognized

Hale Library was recently ranked no. 4 in College Rank's "50 Most Amazing College Libraries" list. Since opening in 1927, Hale has been a central location for thousands of students by providing many accommodations such as study areas and access to computers. (Parker Robb | The Collegian)

A place thousands of K-State students access daily, with its accessibility to computers, study areas and information technology help, it is no wonder that Hale Library is a popular spot among students.

Carolina Mattioli, sophomore in animal sciences and industry and pre-vet, said she spends a large amount of her time preparing and study for exams in Hale. She even has her own favorite spot.

“I like the alcoves because it provides a lot of space and privacy to study,” Mattioli said. “It’s like having my own personal desk, but away from home.”

The library ranks high for students like Mattioli, but people in the K-State community are not the only ones who share that sentiment. According to College Rank, Hale Library is ranked fourth in college libraries throughout the U.S., beating John Hopkins University in Maryland and New York University.

“From my perspective, what makes the library such a great place is the librarians and the staff and all the work that they do to help our students,” Darchelle Martin, public relations officer of K-State Libraries, said.

The library is filled with students day in and day out working on various schoolwork. This is something that Martin said she finds inspiring.

“Seeing students here all day long, all night long, collaborating and helping each other, and all their amazing work on the whiteboards is a boost of energy,” Martin said.

Martin said she sees the recognition as a reminder of why the K-State faculty and staff are here and how important it is to provide students the opportunity to succeed.

Hale provides many study areas, including a 24-hour quiet floor and a collaboration floor where students can work together and study. There are also areas throughout the building, like the Great Room, that hold special significance.

“The Great Room is a really special place because it’s part of the original free standing building which they decided to keep for the alumni. A lot of care has been put into that room due to the donors that have helped restore it,” Martin said.

While the library does provide many ways to help students succeed, it also provides events for students to attend during finals week, including free snacks and coffee. In past years, groups of students preformed flash mobs during finals week in Hale.

“I enjoyed it because it was a good break from studying and provided us with a time show our K-State pride with other K-State students during such a stressful week,” said Ebony Paul, junior in apparel and textiles.