Jewelry becomes whole new type of fake

Instead of purchasing the knock-off versions of jewelry, fake tattoo jewelry can be an alternative and easier way of wearing fashion accessories for every day casual outfits. (Photo Illustration by Cassandra Nguyen | The Collegian)

Temporary jewelry-inspired tattoos have become an emerging trend recently among those who want to add a little more zest to their personal style. These jewelry tattoos, also known as metallic temporary tattoos, typically have a metallic flare, come in silver or gold and are often found with hints of complimentary colors of black and sea foam green. They are similar in style to henna tattoos, but easier to apply.

The tattoos are also sold in a variety of locations. They range in prices averaging from $1-$30, depending on the brand and quality. For those wanting a cheap, quick sample of flash tats, head to Walmart to purchase a whole sheet of trendy tats for only a dollar. If you’re looking for a more intricate design and better quality, not only has rad bohemian flare, but they also donate 5 percent of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations like The Miracle Foundation and Waves For Water, according to their website.

Kellie Goss, sophomore in advertising, has purchased her flash tattoos at Windsors.

“I paid about $4 per pack and each one comes with designs like feathers, arrows (or) little triangle patterns that can, like, go around your arm,” Goss said. “I like how it’s all the fun without any of the commitment or pain of an actual tattoo.”

The application of these tattoos is identical to that of regular temporary tattoos. According to the Flash Tattoos website, the Flash Tattoo brand can last up 4-6 days if you avoid applying lotions, soaps and oils to the surface of the tattoo. To remove them sooner, simply use baby oil or scotch tape.

Brittany Chastain, sophomore in interior design, said she enjoys wearing the gold tribal designed flash tats on her arms and hands because she thinks they represent jewelry.

“I think they’re really easy to use and are great for concerts, music festivals, parties and really anything that’s a fun environment,” Chastain said.

Flash tats are mostly advertised at outdoor pool settings, because they can be placed on different parts of your body like a regular tattoo. They also are expected to last even through water conditions.

“I like to wear them when it’s nicer out because they are so shiny they look pretty in the sun,” Laura Crosley, sophomore in marketing, said.

Despite their fun, users should beware; according to, flash tats are likely to give you a flashy tan line.

Flash tats give a bohemian essence and style to otherwise simple outfits. When wearing these long-lasting temporary tats, remember to get creative and enjoy the life they bring to any party.