From the President’s Desk: Passing of lifeline 911, updates to campus sustainability initiatives


Dear K-Staters,

To kick off this week’s column, we’re happy to report that the Lifeline 911 bill has passed the Kansas Senate by a strong majority, 34-5. Students across the state have worked together to bring this initiative to the legislature. We’re especially grateful to Sens. Garrett Love, Michael O’Donnell, Ralph Ostmeyer, Jacob LaTurner and Tom Hawk for their roles in advocating for this bill and pushing it forward. We’re hopeful that it will be voted on and passed by the House of Representatives this week, sending it to Gov. Brownback’s desk to be signed into law.

As we near the end of our term, we’re optimistic that this student-led effort will culminate in a law protecting underage Kansans from legal prosecution when they seek help in an alcohol-related emergency, and we believe the peace of mind this law will bring will save lives.

This semester, our sustainability director Caitlyn Webb has spearheaded a new effort to allocate Student Centered Tuition Enhancement funds to campus sustainability initiatives. Director Webb chaired the Green Action Fund Committee, which heard proposals from student groups and campus entities for the use of $25,000 in funding. These student dollars will be used to install new water bottle filling stations on campus, renovate the “learning farm” used by agronomy students to practice farming techniques, and more. Next year, the committee will allocate around $40,000 – if you have any ideas for sustainability projects on campus, stay tuned for information on how to apply for funds.

Although it’s hard to believe, our term is almost over. The last Student Senate meeting of the term is this Thursday, and our final day in office is April 9. It’s been an honor to serve the student body – we’re not quite done yet, though, and will work hard until the very end to represent you and advocate for your needs and interests as a student. Keep an eye out for a graphic detailing what we were able to accomplish over our term.

Have a great week, and as always, go ‘Cats!

Reagan Kays and Cody Kennedy

Student Body President and Vice President |