Letter to the editor: Manhattan city commission, school board elections


A very important election day is coming next Tuesday, April 7. While this election is not nearly as exciting as national races, the local elections for Manhattan city commission and school board have a much greater direct impact on our city and community.

If you are registered to vote in Manhattan, I urge you to vote for my friend Linda Morse. Linda is an exceptional civil servant who has been active and involved in the community.

Employed by K-State for 40 years, Linda is a thoughtful, competent leader. She has spent years on the regional planning board, among numerous other positions in government, and she knows that it was not just luck that made Manhattan the great place to study, live and work that it is today. It took hard work and deliberate planning at the city level and from all of our regional partners to make it great for students and families alike.

Linda also supports the non-descrimination ordinance that would assure all persons be treated equally. Linda knows the needs of students and is willing to listen to reason. She deserves your vote and support in this election.

In the recent past, a city commission election was decided by the flip of a coin. If you’re registered to vote in Manhattan, go vote now at the courthouse (located at 100 Courthouse Plaza) or on election day and support Linda Morse for city commission – your vote really counts!

Brennan Walter

Sophomore in geography