Importance of spring cleaning for college students

Make sure not to get so caught up in spring fever that you forget about spring cleaning! (Photo Illustration by Vail Moshiri | The Collegian)

Spring is in the air and one way many people celebrate spring is by doing some spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a tradition that helps people get a head start on fixing up their living space before the often hectic spring and summer, according to article “Spring Cleaning: A Complete Checklist.

Basically, it is motivation to help people start fresh and wipe away that old dust from the winter season; a chance for people to re-evaluate their lifestyle and living conditions. Spring cleaning is especially important if you don’t clean on a regular basis, like many college students with their busy schedules and little free time.

“I think that spring cleaning is important for college students due to the fact that it removes the feeling of clutter and chaos, helps rejuvenate your living area and allows you to feel relaxed as you begin a new semester,” Garrett Huerter, sophomore in nutritional sciences, said.

Some students said they enjoy the idea and practice of spring cleaning, but others disagree on the benefits.

“Most college kids don’t spring clean because they don’t want to spend their little free time cleaning their own stuff,” Miranda Boatwright, junior in accounting, said.

In April 2007, Martha Stewart released a spring-cleaning checklist meant to make the seasonal project “more manageable – and even enjoyable.” Some of the tasks included donating clothing, cleaning computers inside and out, and updating the first-aid kit.

Still, spring cleaning does not always mean physically cleaning something. Letting go of something from an old chapter in your life could be the most liberating thing you do to help you start over.

“I think spring cleaning is important because it’s out with the old and in with the new.” Sarah Lewis, sophomore in communications sciences and disorders, said. “We all have things in the past that bring back bad memories, and by spring cleaning we can start from a new blank slate and begin a new journey each year.”

Spring cleaning has its benefits, but it will take time and effort. Some of the advantages are being more organized, eliminating clutter and trash and deciding for yourself what stays and what goes. Cleaning can help make your house or room more accessible and create a more study friendly environment. Besides, once it is done well, it only takes a short time each day to keep it up.

College can be hard and you can have no time to clean, but cleaning just a few minutes a day can really make all the difference.