How to beautify beauty products: organization on a budget

Photo credit: Sonia Kumar

As you get older, it seems like the space you’re living in gets smaller and smaller. Sooner than you know it, your hamper is overflowing with clothes, your room is a mess and you’re always running out the door. On top of that, your makeup is either crammed into a small bag where you can never find anything without dumping it out, or sprawled on top of a dresser, falling behind it into dark crevices never to be seen again.

Does this sound familiar? If so, it may be time to get more organized. What’s great about organizing your beauty products is not only is it affordable, but keeps you and your living quarters clean and stress-free.

The Glitter Guide even said, “We must admit that we’re all too guilty of messy, overcrowded beauty drawers and counters. But all of this clutter really is a stress inducer—not to mention a waste of money!”

Pinterest and other fun sites allow you to get organized by not only reusing things that you have, but by also buying items that you’ll keep forever.

If you cram all your makeup into a small makeup bag:

For lovers of stuffed cosmetic bags, fear no more. Invest in a clear desk or acrylic makeup organizer. These are great for those who desire a clean look and the ability to see all of their makeup at once, and look super modern on a desk or dresser.

These organizers also add visibility to smaller products, which helps if you’re always searching for things, like an eyeliner pencil.

If you can’t bear moving everything to another place, Brooke Shunatona’s Cosmopolitan article “24 Life Changing Ways to Store Your Beauty Products,” suggests putting your makeup brushes in a medium-sized sunglasses case, which many of us already have. You can even fit eyeliner pencils in here alongside makeup brushes for easier access.

If you spread all of your beauty products out:

Want to put all of your beauty products, plus maybe some hair products, into an organized place where it doesn’t take up too much room? Shunatona recommends using a kitchen utensil tray to organize brushes, pencils, a straightener and even lipsticks. This idea would be the best for someone who does their makeup at a desk, since you can put the tray organizer in a drawer.

If you’re a makeup addict:

As a makeup addict, I highly suggest a spinning makeup organizer from QVC. For $29.82 you can easily sort through eye shadow palettes, foundation and lipsticks in a few seconds. This spinning organizer has so much room that even those who think they have a lot of makeup don’t even fill it up.

For the dorm room girls:

The Buzzfeed article “14 Simple Ways to Organize Your Makeup” by Amy Spiegel, recommends using a hanging organizer to store your makeup. That way you are able to actually visualize all of your makeup, and the convenience of not having to sort through things is extraordinary.

For the hair, face product hoarders:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having tons of product; however, the unfortunate part about living this way is that they take up quite a bit of space. Not everyone sees the appeal in rotating spice racks for hair products, either.

A fantastic idea to keep your desk area clutter free and your products out of your way is to use a hanging shoe organizer to put hair and face products in. Virtually every product will fit – even your blowdryer and straightener.

For the nail polish addicts:

A creative way to keep nail polish and nail products out of a shoe box and into the limelight is by store your nail polish in a clear retro cookie jar.

Another way for those looking to find space is by investing in the Color Clutch (starting at $24.99). You can store any brand of nail polish into a small box that only takes up 2 inches of shelf space. There is also a clear lid on top of the box that allows you to see what you put in them.

There is no secret to organizing makeup or beauty products; honestly whatever saves you some time and frustration is always the best bet. But allowing your organization to look pretty too is always a plus.

Sonia Kumar is a sophomore in apparel, textiles and marketing.