Appointments and education head second senate meeting


At the second student governing association meeting of the 2015-2016 term, Speaker Kurt Lockwood, senior in agricultural economics, explained the procedures senate meetings to newly-elected senators.

Standing committee chairs, the intern coordinator, student senate secretary, parliamentarian and the president and vice president’s cabinet were all appointed and approved unanimously by the senate.

New senators also had to be appointed, due to previously-elected senators stepping down from their senate seat in favor of other positions within the body. Lockwood resigned from his seat in the College of Agriculture to serve as Speaker of the Senate and Chance Hunley, junior in agricultural communications and journalism, filled his seat.

Patrick Kennedy, junior in business administration, resigned to serve as Local Relations Director in the president’s and vice president’s cabinet; his seat in the College of Business was filled by Timothy Kohtz, junior in finance. Andrea Hopkins, senior in industrial engineering, resigned from her seat in the College of Engineering to serve as student senate secretary and her position was filled by Kyle Reiger, senior in architectural engineering.

Senators heard from adviser Bill Harlan, director of student activities and services, about his role, as well as other advisers. Harlan said he encouraged new senators to not be afraid to approach advisers and senate leaders, and to ask questions to better informed as they represent the student body as a whole.

Joe Tinker, junior in psychology and student body vice president, gave an update on the latest advancements for the K-State phone application. The student body vice president sits on the KSIS steering committee, and Tinker will be involved in future discussion about the application.

“We have a vendor chosen with a company called MotoLabs,” Tinker said.

If approved by President Schulz, it would cost $87,000 at the beginning of the project and $65,000 each year after that for updates and maintenance. The app would allow students to add and drop classes, pay bills and utilize the majority of their KSIS operations with ease from their phones. The contract would allow for updates such as showing when the parking garage is full or tracking busing systems as needed.

Andy Hurtig, senior in accounting and student body president, spoke at the end of the meeting to welcome senators to the 2015-2016 term and encourage them to be passionate leaders.

“Even if you won’t interact directly with Topeka, you represent people who care,” Hurtig said.