Letter to the editor: K-State in need of diversity


Communities are becoming progressively accepting of different types of people who identify with an abundant blur of races and identities. K-State is growing in terms of diversity, but the university feels more regional than racial, like it is diverse because of where the students are from across the country. Although that is a form of diversity, I am talking about racial diversity.

A large amount of students are from small rural towns that lack ethnic, cultural or national diversity compared to large metropolises. When students come to a university and face an inherently larger diverse group of people, they may not know how to interact with those who do not look the same or follow the same religion. Being unaware of dissimilar cultural practices can cause someone not to be as open as they would to a person with similarities.

In order to resolve this campus wide issue, I propose K-State implements a mandatory diversity course for all incoming freshman that will teach them backgrounds of different cultures. This will ultimately give K-State a more family feel for all races, ethnicities, nationalities and preparing our students for the world after college.

Thank you,

Alexandria Moran