Letter to the editor: Mustang club advertisement


To whom it may concern:

I am writing in regards to the offensive nature of the Mustang Club ads that the Collegian continues to run. While I understand that the newspaper is independently run, the newspaper still represents K-State. I for one do not think that ads like this represent the university and the student body in a favorable light.

What makes the matter worse is that this ad was run the weekend of Open House. Open House is a time when K-State showcases to the public the very best it has to offer. I feel that running an ad for the Mustang Club at this time gave any parents and community member who read the paper a poor view of what K-State stands for and the values that the university upholds.

Furthermore, I feel that this ad is very offensive to women in general since it objectifies them. As stated by Merriam-Webster, objectification is “to treat as an object or cause to have objective reality.” The Mustang Club ad objectifies women by using pictures of scantily-clad women to attract customers. I feel that as a newspaper that represents an institution of higher learning, the Collegian should choose wisely the ads that are put in the newspaper. I also feel that out of respect for the women that read the Collegian, the newspaper should refuse to put ads like that of the Mustang Club in the paper. I understand that the paper needs money from ads to run, but keep them classy!

Joshua Welch

Senior in computer engineering