OPINION: Why we couldn’t survive college without house moms

Photo credit: Kent Willmeth

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, college is full of stressful deadlines and long hours of studying. I know I’m not alone when I say that sometimes all I want is my mom. Moms and grandmas always seem to know exactly what to say to make things better. If you live in a greek house, consider yourself lucky because you’ve got the next best thing … a house mom.

House directors, commonly known as house moms, live in greek chapter houses to keep things in order. House moms do everything from plan meals, keep the house in line and most importantly, be a support system for the members of the house.

Linda VeJvoda, also known as Mom V, is the house mom for Alpha Xi Delta. VeJvoda’s favorite thing about being a house mom is the collective sound of joy from living with such wonderful women.

“Being a mom is a very natural thing for me and brings me great joy,” VeJvoda said.

Mom V said being a house mom is important because there’s an advantage in having a face-to-face conversation with somebody that you know cares about you.

“It is very reassuring to have somebody available that has life experience,” VeJvoda said.

Hailey Walstad, sophomore in history and marketing from Frisco, Texas, lives in the sorority Alpha Delta Pi. Walstad, like many other students, has had to adjust to being many hours away from her mom.

“It’s nice having a mother figure in the house that I can go to for anything,” Walstad said.

House moms are known for doing little gestures for the members to make them feel at home. Walstad said there have been many times when Alpha Delta Pi house mom, Jan Tidball or Mom Jan, bakes treats for her women and even gives them rides to class.

Although house moms love doing little favors for the sorority or fraternity members, they do much more than just that. Sometimes just being there for the members is the reason we appreciate our house moms so much.

According to a Transition Year report, titled,Emotional Health & Your College Student: A Guide for Parents” the Jed Foundation and mtvU conducted a survey that showed 63 percent of students would turn to a their family in emotional distress.

As much as we sometimes hate to admit it, we couldn’t get through the hard days without our folks. Being so far away from that support system can be very difficult for many students. It is important for college students to be able to talk to someone who will remind them that it’s going to be okay. Many of us are hours from our parents, and this is where house moms come in.

House moms provide endless hours of support and encouragement. Whether it’s watching all of our intramural games or making us study snacks, we are all comforted by the motherly support our house moms show us everyday. I think I can speak for everyone when I say house moms make college feel a little bit more like home.

Keeli Hostetler is a sophomore in mass communications.