The Real House Moms of Manhattan


From caring for around 60 students and providing supervision to managing the day-to–day operations of the home, it is no wonder that fraternity and sorority house directors need a break every once and awhile.

Still, many wonder what “house moms” do when not supervising K-State’s greek houses. After all, just like students, they have a life outside of greek life too.

“I have a home in Manhattan and I have a sister who lives in town,” Jan Tidball, house director of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, said. “I oftentimes go to my home and we play card games on Friday and Saturday nights.”

Tidball goes home about once a day to pick up her mail and also does her laundry there, but spends the majority of her time at 518 Sunset Ave. with the women of Alpha Delta Pi.

While not all of the house moms have an additional permanent residence in Manhattan, they still find ways of relaxing for awhile.

“Every Thursday at 2 p.m., we (house moms) go to Bluestem and have coffee,” Linda McDougal, house director Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, said. “We discuss upcoming activities, share ideas and socialize.”

When McDougal is not managing Zeta Tau Alpha, she relaxes by playing Candy Crush on her iPad and watching movies.

McDougal recently moved from Texas for this position and said when she is out running errands, she takes the time to get familiar with Manhattan. McDougal said she has also enjoyed getting to know the other house moms.

“It has been invaluable becoming close with the other house directors,” McDougal said. “All of them are a great group of people. We all share the common goal of operating the home and taking care of the girls.”

While all the house directors have various ways of keeping busy, Melinda Rose, house director of Theta Xi fraternity, also has a full time job.

“I am a para(educator),” Rose said. “I am gone from 8:05 (a.m.) to 4:05 (p.m.).”

She said the Theta Xi fraternity men are very supportive of her having a full-time job and know that she loves teaching, however Rose still makes it a priority to spend time with them by attending their various sporting events. She even sticks around when the fraternity hosts events.

“I live in my quarters and have my own separate entrance,” Rose said. “I am usually around for the parties and I make an appearance.”

Even with a busy schedule, Rose still makes time for herself and partakes in social events with the other house directors. She walks campus and to the park often.

“Oftentimes, other house moms and myself might go see a movie at the Union,” Rose said.

Rose also said she feels fortunate that she is able to maintain close proximity with her family, who are only a short drive away. This year, she said, she was able to host Christmas here for her family.