City of Manhattan looks for the green light on proposed improvements


Manhattan residents may be seeing more red, yellow and green at the intersection of 11th and Fremont in the near future.

The City of Manhattan is considering adding improvements to the intersection of 11th and Fremont. These possible improvements include a traffic signal, turn lanes and lights for pedestrian crossing.

Adding the traffic signal would be a matter of improving safety for pedestrians and motorists.

“The intersection has been identified as a high traffic, high accident location,” Peter Clark, city traffic engineer, said.

Due to the high accident volume and traffic, the City is of Manhattan has created project plans and designs that would cost approximately $300,000 if put into place.

According to the City of Manhattan’s website, some of the improvements would be partially funded through the Community Development Block Grant program.

Anne Smith, executive director of ATA Bus, the Flint Hill Area Transportation Agency, said the intersection in question is a stop in their bus route, and a stoplight could possibly interfere.

“We would be able to work around it if we needed to, but there is definitely a need for something there, especially on game days and during City Park events,” Smith said.

While many of the proposed changes are seen as improvements, there are still some who are not completely in agreement.

The fraternity of Delta Sigma Phi is located directly on the corner of 11th and Fremont, and many of the men living there have voiced their concerns about the proposed changes.

Joey Wenberg, senior in mass communications, said he has been a resident at Delta Sigma Phi for over three years and many of his concerns stem from a lack of parking at the house.

“We rely on the street for a lot of our parking,” Wenberg said. “We have 60 men that live in the house and roughly 15 designated parking spots.”

If the proposed changes go through, six of those original 15 parking spots would no longer be available to the residents of the house for parking,

Wenberg also said he does not believe a light is necessary, but instead yield signs or a four-way stop may be enough.

Within the growing community of Manhattan, there have recently been multiple construction projects seen throughout the K-State campus, as well as the residential community. Any questions, concerns or comments about the proposed changes at the intersection of 11th and Fremont can be directed to the City Hall on Poyntz Avenue or by calling (785) 587-2489.