Online courses offer students flexibility

Taking online courses over the summer has become a popular source of attaining college credits that can bring you closer to graduation. (Photo Illustration by Nicholas Cady | The Collegian)

Taking online courses has become very common in recent years. Classes being offered year-round makes it possible for students to attend class from anywhere in the world – so long as they have Internet access.

K-State Global Campus has been a large part in getting the university to offer more online courses, which works well for students who want or need to continue their education from afar.

Some students have even found that taking online courses year-round, in addition to their fall and spring semesters, has its advantages.

“I have taken an online class almost every semester since I have been here,” Tyler Vaughn, senior in geology, said. “Being able to take online classes during the regular semesters has made my scheduling easier. I have also taken them during the summer, which allows me to still enjoy the beautiful weather and get ahead in my studies.”

Vaughn said she enjoys taking online courses because it gives her the chance to remain studious and to enjoy her time here and at home. Vaughn also said she likes online classes because you can plan a time when you want to work on the class.

Some courses will make assignments due at a certain time, but students can decide if they want to wake up early or stay up late to complete these assignments.

“It really depends if you want to make the class harder or not,” Esther McCabe, senior in animal sciences and industry, said. “You can decide if you want to work ahead or get behind in a class. It’s really all up to you to decide how the class will go.”

McCabe said she is currently taking an online course which, according to her, is harder and more time consuming than she originally thought. She has a heavy schedule and thought that by taking the class online, she might be able to make it easier. Unfortunately, she said she realized that was not the case.

Deven King, junior in agricultural communications and journalism and a transfer student, said she is currently taking all online courses for the semester. She made a decision while attending another school that she actually wanted to go to K-State. Online courses made it possible for her to continue school without having to take a full semester off and fall behind.

“Everyone at K-State has been extremely helpful,” King said. “I am so grateful that Kansas State offers so many classes online because I will still graduate on time and not fall behind.”

Taking an online course may also cost less, especially for out-of-state students. The cost of an online course is the same for everyone, whether you are a resident of Kansas or not. You can find the amount of classes on the Global Campus website. For one credit hour it will cost a student $398 but this price can vary depending on the course.

Online courses may be something that most students overlook but they could have a positive impact on our college careers. Taking an online course early on may help you out your senior year when you want to take less credits and enjoy your last few months here at K-State.