Students: take a break, get some fresh air today

The sun sets as campus and community members gather outside of Hale Library at Movies on the Grass on Sept. 7, 2014. (File Photo by Taylor Alderman | The Collegian)

Spring is in the air and summer is almost here, which means warmer weather is here to stay for awhile. Many students have such busy schedules, however, that they never seem to have the time to enjoy this weather.

Or maybe they don’t even know how to enjoy it.

There are many different (as well as fun) things you can do to have fun that cost little to no money, according to a Buzzfeed article, “27 Insanely Fun Outdoor Games You’ll Want to Play All Summer Long.” This is good for college students, because money seems to be an issue for most, being on a college budget and all.

The Buzzfeed article recommended a frozen T-shirt race, where you stick a t-shirt in a plastic bag and letting it freeze overnight; then the next day see who can defrost it first and put it on. Blanket run is another fun game; just grab some blankets and pull each other across the lawn as fast as you can.

A lot of students here at K-State have really awesome ideas on how to have fun outside without going far and spending a lot of money.

“I love to go hammocking on campus and around town when it is nice out,” Cecilia Smith, sophomore in communications sciences and disorders, said. “I also love hiking the Konza Prairie or Manhattan Hill.”

Manhattan Hill, Konza Prairie and Tuttle Creek are all relatively close to campus and are great spots to relax for a study break while enjoying Manhattan’s beauty.

Joseph Crane, sophomore in accounting, said he likes going to Konza as well as Pillsbury Crossing, another popular spot in Manhattan.

“Pillsbury is a place where vehicles, typically trucks, can pull right into this pond area surrounded by trees and just hang out and have a good time with friends,” Crane said. “Last year during finals, I went there just to take a break from studying and get away.”

Along with the scenic views and places that Manhattan has to offer, there are many things you can do just in the comfort of your own yard.

“I really like to play Frisbee, do Slip ‘N Slide and have water balloon fights,” Haley Barrett, sophomore in marketing, said. “I also like to paint canvases or do crafts outside when the weather is nice. Sometimes my friends and I just simply like to people watch outside for a good two hours. Yoga is also something I have started doing outside that is very peaceful and relaxing.”

Cooper Wiedeman, sophomore in management information systems, agreed that Frisbee and water balloon fights are fun things to do when the weather is nice.

“It’s really nice to just get outside and away from the real world for an hour or so a day and just play soccer or kickball and relieve some of the stress from the day,” Wiedeman said.

There are many activities and things people can do that don’t cost a lot of money and don’t really take up much of your personal time. Fresh air every once in a while and having a little diversity in your schedule never hurt. Even if it’s just throwing the Frisbee around with your friends, it’s amazing what a little fresh air can do.