#Hashtag: Trump2016


Among the variety of candidates for 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has joined the ranks. According to a CNN article entitled “Trump Jumps in, the Donald’s latest Whitehouse Run is Officially On,” it wasn’t the first time Trump alluded to running for president, in fact, he has almost run at least five times within the last two decades. Therefore, his announcement to run has been a long time coming.

Trump is known for his TV show “Apprentice” and for his business acumen. According to the New York Times article entitled “Donald Trump Runs for President (This time for real, he says),” he used his well-known economic prosperity as a point for his campaign. His slogan? “Make America great again.”

However, on social media, the jokes have already begun. Trump has not yet held a political office and has had so many false starts in the past, many aren’t taking it seriously. Some jokes revolve around his looks, others take a stance on his announcement speech and his campaign platform as a whole.


Trump also has his supporters. Some appear to be intrigued with his potential, particularly in America’s economic situation.

Overall, only time will tell what to expect from the plethora of unique presidential candidates.

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