OPINION: Manhappiness


When I dreamed of going to college, I wanted the whole experience, which included a cookie-cutter college town. This was my first semester at K-State and I can honestly say that I love the atmosphere of not only the campus, but the city of Manhattan as well. There truly is a family aspect in this place we call home, and I am more than proud to be a part of it. Manhattan is a perfect college city because of its eloquent balance of charm and boisterousness.

According to K-State’s website, there were more than 24,300 students enrolled in the fall of 2014, and according to the city of Manhattan’s 2010 census, Manhattan has a population of around 52,281 residents. That means that a good bulk of the Manhattan population is made up of students, which says a lot about how lively and youthful the city is. Nearly every establishment you walk into has the university’s Powercat logo hanging somewhere and has K-State students employed and working. According to a July 2014 Forbes list, titled, “The Best Small Places For Business and Careers,” Manhattan was ranked number 21 out of the 100 cities listed.

Manhattan has an incredibly stable economic environment because of the university and support of local businesses. The city does not slack when it comes to social life, either. Not only does the university provide plenty of fun events for the public, such as athletic events and theater productions, but it also gives right back to the college students.

Aggieville, an animated strip of restaurants, bars and shops, is constantly pleasing students with great food, dancing and events, such as Fake Patty’s Day. Lindsy Kurzdorfer, junior in economics, works at Buffalo Wild Wings in Aggieville and said she enjoys working there because of the atmosphere the students bring to Aggieville.

“Everyone I work with goes to or went to K-State,” Kurzdofer said. “The vibe and culture is K-State everything. Manhattan is known for Aggieville. It’s kind of like the glue that brings social life together at K-State.”

Manhattan is one of the most beautiful cities for a college setting, and I doubt anyone who has seen the campus would think otherwise. Not only do we have the most beautiful campus I have ever seen, but the city is equally beautiful. With the historic buildings and the trees lining the streets and sidewalks, I can’t help but feel good when I am walking around. There is a reason Manhattan is often referred to as “Manhappiness.”

The overall demeanor of the students and residents of Manhattan is positive and welcoming. Every visit I made to “the Hat” before I moved here was nothing short of spectacular, and I truly believe the style and warmth of the city and people here had everything to do with it.

When I came to K-State this past semester, I had no idea what to expect. I have made some incredible friends, and everyone I meet is kind and welcoming. The town and campus are breathtaking, and my college experience has been incredible. I love being able to walk almost anywhere I want to go, whether it be to eat, shop or simply take a walk. The night life is amazing, whether I’m out to dinner with my friends, sitting atop Manhattan Hill or just hanging out in the dorms.

Regardless of the diversity of students on campus and how different we all seemingly are, I truly believe there is something for every student, family and person in the Little Apple.

Shelby Rayburn is a sophomore in mass communications.