#Hashtag: Woman to be featured on $10 bill


The Treasury Department will announce on Thursday that it will feature a woman on the new $10 bill.

According to a tweet made by Nancy Lindborg Wednesday evening, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will make the official announcement.

Lindborg heads up the U.S. Institute of Peace, an organization funded by Congress to find ways to solve international conflict through peaceful means. Although the tweet mentions a woman being named, there have been no specific names released, leading to suggestions for candidates on social media.

The news, trending on Twitter with the hashtag #TheNewTen, also had its share of detractors.


Hamilton, the first U.S. Treasury Secretary, has been on the $10 bill since 1929. Before then, several other people were featured on the bill.

Editor’s note: The story initially stated that Hamilton would be replaced. The story has since been updated.