#Hashtag: Whaling and Life in the Death Zone


Last Friday, June 19, the International Whaling Commission released its newest report of the scientific committee’s annual meeting. In it, the committee for the third time in 15 months concluded that there is still no justification for the resumption of Japanese whaling practices.

The assertion by Japan is that the whaling’s purpose is for scientific research.

There has been significant backlash to this assertion by both the scientific community and general public.


The roar of outrage is so large it is not limited to just Japan.

But there are also good ecological developments out there in the world as well. Germany recently announced developmental plans for former Iron Curtain military bases.

The area, the former “Death Zone” is being re-purposed for wildlife.

Usually life’s great metaphors are hard to find and unravel, but here we have a beautiful and obvious example of life from death, and humanity’s redemption.

Life is flourishing in the death zone.

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