#Hashtag: Lethal Injection Decision


The death penalty, which is still legal in many states, has recently been dealing with some extra controversy. In the case Glossip v. Gross, the Supreme Court chose to uphold the practice of using a controversial drug called midazolam in executions. Many questioned the effectiveness of the drug.

This decision has reopened the debate regarding the humanity of the death penalty.


While some are taking the opportunity to share their opinions, others find that it has shut down the purpose for debate over the death penalty.

On the other hand, many are questioning the decision of the Supreme Court. According to a USA Today article, the reasons listed for the decision was that the prisoners did not provide an alternative, nor did they fully prove that the drug is incapable of preventing extreme pain.

With several decisions made by the Supreme Court this week, the online controversy is at an extremely high level. However, the decisions are bringing some closure to recent issues, large and small.

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