#Hashtag: Jared Fogle


Jared Fogle, “the Subway Guy,” as many know him, is currently under FBI investigation. The FBI searched his home on Tuesday to search for any involvement in a child pornography case. According to a CNN article entitled “Authorities search long time Subway pitchman Jared Fogle’s home,” the executive director of the Jared Foundation was arrested two months prior, regarding a child pornography case.

Due to this search and Fogle’s unknown, but possible, participation in child pornography, the public has taken to social media to voice their surprise.

Despite the fact that Fogle has not been convicted or charged with anything, people have already begun to assume his part in the case.

However, some appear to be be unsurprised by the search.

Due to the investigation, Subway has cut its ties with Fogle for the present time. Despite that, Fogle’s nickname may not prevent the association between Subway and Fogle.

According to the CNN article and the tweet from Subway, Fogle has been cooperating with the investigation, though whatever the truth is regarding Fogle’s actions, it has not yet been made public.

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