Last night, one of those events happened that prove why Twitter exists. It had to do with the ongoing NBA free agency, and free agent center DeAndre Jordan. At the beginning of free agency, the opening week teams and players can negotiate deals, but not officially sign them. So contracts are reported as “verbal agreements” and that is, for all intensive purposes, as good as a done deal. However, these past few days have given the world, and Twitter, the exception to this rule.

Jordan, it had been reported, was leaving his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers to sign instead with the Dallas Mavericks. But, the Clippers did not respect the reported agreement, and made one last push to convince him to renege, and re-sign with them instead with another meeting.

Then Mavericks player Chandler Parsons was going to go save the deal.

But not if Blake got there first.

NBA-grandpa Paul Pierce even tried to get in on the fun. The 37 year old posted this, apparently not having quite the same handle on his emojis.

And Lance Stephenson did not quite get what was happening.

This all starting playing out more and more like hostage situation, leading to probably the best tweet of the night.

A rumor about Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, even surfaced, adding to the drama. It drew a direct response.


Ultimately, Jordan did re-sign with the Clippers, spurning the Mavericks, who were left in the lurch. This could lead to future changes to the policies of NBA free agency.

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