#Hashtag: Trump Card


By now, even the news-adverse among us have been introduced to the lightning-rod presidential candidate, whose hair it seems has been been struck by lightning. He is the controversial billionaire that the country can’t stop watching, whether on his former TV show “The Apprentice,” or making his entrance to the presidential field descending an escalator.

He is running in the already-crowded Republican field, and certainly not sugar-coating his thoughts. Recently, in his now-infamous campaign launch speech, he said this about illegal immigrants coming through the border from Mexico: “They are bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they are rapists,” which he so masterfully softened by following with “and some, I assume, are good people.”

He has predictably caught quite a bit of flak for this, and yet, surprisingly, this has not seemed to hurt him in the national polls (although it certainly did among Hispanic voters), but instead precipitated this:

Perhaps attesting to the “any attention is good attention,” philosophy, he has enjoyed a huge surge in his poll numbers since those remarks. This sparked, let’s say … mixed reaction.

Alright, not so mixed. But do not fret, this surge still doesn’t mean he’s in contention for the long-haul. Herman Cain had a similar lead in the months before the nomination last time around, as the “outsider” candidates often do, before losing favor. But this does leave us, as a nation, one very important question to consider:

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