KSU Foundation raises $141m in 2015

(Jenna Bryan | The Collegian)

The KSU Foundation announced on Monday it had received $141.5 million in charitable donations for fiscal year 2015.

In addition to being the third most successful year in fundraising, it is also the fourth consecutive year the organization has raised more than $100 million.

“Increasingly, one of the most important funding sources for K-State are philanthropic dollars received through the KSU Foundation,” said Greg Willems, president and CEO of KSU Foundation in a written statement.

Despite the fundraising, tuition is still expected to increase by 3.6 percent for the 2015-2016 school year.

“Less than 20 percent of the university’s operating budget now comes from the state, and the remainder of the budget comes from three sources: tuition, grants and contracts, and private philanthropic support given through the KSU Foundation,” K-State President Kirk Schulz said. “Philanthropic support by alumni and friends is critical to our success. I want to thank our generous donors for their commitment to the university’s future.”