Safety alert: new pedestrian crossing


Denison Avenue’s new pedestrian crossing at Goodnow Hall requires those crossing to wait until they get the visual and audible walk signal.

This process is different from the flashing yellow light that happened after you pressed the walk button. It is important to wait for the light to change prior to entering the road way. Vehicles have a traffic light, which will change shortly after the pedestrian presses the button.

It is only safe to cross when the oncoming traffic is stopped, and you, the pedestrian, have the walk sign.

The K-State Police Department will periodically monitor and educate pedestrians at the crossing as the school year starts.

The intersection of Claflin Road and 17th Street is now restricted to authorized vehicles only, which includes emergency and service vehicles. This will be a point of enforcement for the K-State Police.

Donald Stubbings

Major-assistant director for K-State Police