Curt Schilling tweets discriminative joke, regretfully deletes it


Curt Schilling, a former professional baseball player, recently tweeted out a picture that insinuated that extremist Muslims were similar to Nazis. Here is a picture of the original tweet, as the original has been deleted from Schillings account:

Although he deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, nothing on the Internet is safe and it quickly made him a trending topic on Twitter.

Aside from those who are morally against the discrimination of the tweet, however, many are questioning the numbers on the meme Schilling posted and are using it to take logical and comical standpoints against the tweet. People are also using this tweet and its potentially incorrect numbers to bash Schillings intelligence.

Schilling did, however, tweet out an apology less than an hour ago, after deleting the discriminatory tweet.

Despite this, Schilling is still a trending topic on Twitter getting feedback of all types from around the Twitter community.

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