K-State halftime show leads to questions about sexual innuendo, band member denies any ill intention


Update Sept. 6, 1:24 a.m.: K-State Marching Band Director Frank Tracz released a statement on Facebook regarding the performance.

“The chart below represents the drill from tonight’s show,” Tracz wrote. “There was absolutely no intent to display anything other than the Enterprise and the Jayhawk in battle. If I am guilty of anything it would be the inability to teach the drill in a manner that these young people could have succeeded. I do apologize for the misinterpretation and I assure you that I meant absolutely no disrespect or malice toward the University of Kansas.”

During the halftime show at K-State Football’s season opener against South Dakota, the marching band depicted a scene between the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek and a giant Kansas Jayhawk.

What followed was a barrage of comments on social media that the scene actually looked like the Jayhawk was performing fellatio. The Collegian attempted to contact several members of the marching band.

A member of the band, who wished to remain anonymous due to instructions given by band officials, shared a photo to Facebook and said the band’s only intention was to show a fight between the starship and the Jayhawk.

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“It is very clearly a starship enterprise (sic),” the band member wrote on Facebook. “People are taking this way out of proportion.”

Although the performance drew the ire of some, others thought it was all in fun and joked about it.