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Small earthquake jolts Kansas

The Kansas Geological Survey reported Saturday that an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 2.5 has been gently shaking Kansas since Tuesday, its magnitudes throughout that time ranging from 2.2 to 3.1, according to the Little Apple Post.

The earthquake felt near Cardwell, Kansas, a town in Sumner County. Many of about 200 Kansas earthquakes since 2013 have been recorded to have occurred in or near Sumner County and Harper County. Earthquake recordings in these counties are linked to salt water injections after oil drilling, according to The Kansas Geological Survey.

Kansas man sentenced to federal prison for unlawful use of machete, gun

After being convicted in June for a variation of crimes, James Russian, 57, of Pittsburg, Kansas, was sentenced to 136 months in federal prison on Thursday, according to the Little Apple Post.

His charges ranged from unlawful weapon possession to drug trafficking.

During Russian’s initial trial, evidence was presented that police cars chased Russian from Barton County, Missouri to Crawford County, Kansas. Police investigated reports that he threatened two people with a machete and a gun. Investigators later found marijuana, firearms and ammunition in Russian’s possession. Russian was previously convicted of a felony that resulted in prohibiting Russian from possessing firearms and ammunition.

Kansas man sentenced to 89 years in prison for attempted murder of wife, sons

Pettix McMillan, 40, of Wichita, was sentenced to 89 years in prison on Friday. McMillan was convicted for three counts of attempted first-degree murder against his wife and two sons, according to the Little Apple Post.

Accused of shooting his wife at their home in Wichita during an argument, and later shooting his sons under the same circumstances, McMillan’s sentence was double the time expected by his attorney, though his family survived the attack.

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