Apple releases more new innovations, ideas


As Apple does every year or so, there was an event today where all the newly develop Apple technologies were released to the public. The iPhones 6 and 6 Plus now has more technologically advanced baby siblings, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

This is a pretty regular progression for Apple, however the new phones have features like a 3D touch mechanism, better cameras and a more outer casing.

The 3D touch mechanism means that depending on how hard you tap something, that will depend on what you pull up. The example used on the Tech Crunch website is that a light tap to the camera icon will bring up the option, but a more firm press will set the camera up for the user to take a selfie.

However, the over all look is virtually the same, which has upset some Apple users. The phones are just as expensive as their previous more low-tech counter parts were.

While the outer material is more durable with the material its made with, the new iPhone 6s does not show many other outward differences. One new image is that a “rose gold” color has been added to the list of design choices in the new phones.

Overall, Apple is just doing its thing, some may call it an unnecessary overdevelopment for money, but those who closely follow new Apple technologies are excited to own the new innovation in iPhones.

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