Scientists revealed the discovery of a previously unknown species of humans. These humans had tiny brains, yet walked upright, according to a business insider article published today.

The bones were found approximately two years ago in a previously unknown chamber of the Dinadeli cave system, which lies buried 30 miles northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa. The chamber was initially discovered by two National Geographic cave explorers. They realized there could be a bigger significance to the discovery.

The chamber was challenging to access – so challenging that a request had to be sent out over social media looking for paleontologists, who were physically capable of getting to the bones. Demands included squeezing through a crevice approximately seven and a half inches wide and 50 ft. deep. According to the article, the cave was first entered on Nov. 13, 2013.

The new species is named Homo Naledi after the name of the chamber where the bones were found, according to the article. The six scientists, who were able to extract the bones, were all female.

The scientific significance of the find has not been lost on Twitter, where users worldwide have made #HomoNaledi trending.

The comedic potential of the find has not been lost on Twitter either.

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