#AML with Hurtig, Tinker

(Left to right) Ask Me Live host Erin Poppe, graduate student in public administration and online editor for The Collegian, stands with Student Body President Andy Hurtig, senior in accounting, and Student Body Vice President Joe Tinker, senior in psychology, after the #AML on Sept. 15, 2015. (George Walker | The Collegian)

The Kansas State Collegian hosted an Ask Me Live session with student body president and vice president Andy Hurtig and Joe Tinker on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

We’re sorry if Hurtig and Tinker didn’t get to your question in time, but check back later as we will have more guests throughout the year!

Please refer to the #AML FAQ if you have any more questions.


Andy Hurtig, senior in accounting, and Joe Tinker, junior in psychology, won the Student Governing Association general election on March 4. A total of 2,248 votes were cast out of 20,656 eligible students, and the duo captured 76 percent of the total votes.

Hurtig and Tinker ran on the campaign platforms of a Student Success Collaborative, Open Textbook Initiative and the Co-Curricular Involvement Tracker.