Facebook creates opportunity for disagreements


Mark Zuckerberg has made the decision to give Facebook a dislike button as well as a like button. Zuckerberg justifies this decision by saying that “not every moment is a good moment,” according to a CNN money article entitled “Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook working of a ‘Dislike’ button.” Zuckerberg believes it will help add a level of “empathy,” according to the CNN article.

However, many are expressing worry on social media that it will give an even bigger opportunity for bullies and “haters” on the internet.

On the other hand, with a dislike button, media and social media content producers will now have to work harder in order to make sure that their content does a good job advertising and producing different things.

That does’t mean that there aren’t those that are for the dislike button. For some it will be an exciting new change to Facebook.


This one may or may not be sarcastic:

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