#Hashtag: Australian Prime Minister Abbott ousted from office


Today, Australia’s Prime Minister was given the boot.

Tony Abbott, who had his role for almost two years has been voted out of office, is being replaced by his former Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull.

The reason why leadership can be changed so frequently dues to how Australia’s political system is structured. In its article “Australian PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull,” the BBC described it as such: “Under the Australian system, as in the UK, the prime minister is not directly elected by voters but is the leader of the party or coalition that can command a majority in parliament.”

The Australian Liberal Party isn’t what we would think here in America politically. Their major opposition party, the Labor Party, is closer to our liberal Democrats, while their Liberal Party is more conservative, similar to our Republican Party.

The BBC article mentioned about the Prime Minister-elect that “many in his party dislike his (Turnbull’s) support for climate change action and gay marriage.”

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