Letter to the Editor: Sportsmanship pledge


I wish to congratulate the group that came up with the sportsmanship pledge. I hope every student will sign and faithfully live by it. It has always made me mad and much more when my school, the one I have faithfully supported since the day I graduated, have been a total embarrassment, with the foul language, storming the court or field, and much more, so I hope this pledge will end all of this.

I would like to offer a suggestion – in basketball when the opposition is shooting a free throw, become as quite as a church service, as I think this will have more of an effect than shouting and waving. The shooter is expecting that, being very quiet may have an effect on them – try it.

Follow the pledge and make the alums proud, as well as show the world what a class school we truly are.


Andy Galyardt, Class of ’54