Letter to the Editor: The parking nightmare


Parking on this campus has consistently been a nightmare for both students and faculty; however, it has been even worse as of late. With all the construction going on around campus and various roads being blocked off, it takes an enormous amount of time to navigate safely through this campus. It is nearly a game of chicken with students who like to walk across the street with their head buried in their phones, oblivious to the fact that there are cars that require more than a split second to actually stop.

To make matters worse – the construction workers are now taking up student parking spots all over campus. Yes, these non-parking fee-paying people who are, in fact, being paid to be here are taking up potential parking sports that I have paid for.

Where is my rebate?

There are barriers in place in available green lot spots so that these workers can get as close to their job site as possible. What about the students? You know, the ones that actually pay a fee for the right to be on this campus? So why do we shoulder the burden?

The construction workers should either park in the upper level of the garage or be shuttled in from a gathering point so that students have the opportunity to use the parking that WE are paying for. I do not mind parking in the garage most days but on bad weather days, the students should have “first dibs” on parking spots closer to the buildings.

The university should immediately address this issue.

If the construction workers can put up a cone that is essentially a placeholder for them to park, then can we all bring a cone to save our spot? I’m sure if they were parking in the President’s spot, or the Dean’s spot, then corrective action would be taken. Take care of the students, and stop catering to those who are being paid to be here.

Kelly Serna, Student