#Hashtag: House votes to defund Planned Parenthood


Using the now-famous nine heavily edited sting videos against Planned Parenthood for political cover, the Republican-led House of Representatives has officially voted today to cease federal funding to Planned Parenthood for one year.

Despite the fact that every state investigating Planned Parenthood thus far has found no actual evidence of wrongdoing, the baby-killing narrative machine heartily rattles on. The House’s defunding vote was passed 241-187. Only three Republicans voted against party and against the bill, while only two Democrats broke rank and voted for the bill.

Here’s what Twitter sounds like today:

Glad we settled that.

But despite its serious sounding nature, this vote passage will largely serve as just a gesture, a move to simply pacify staunch conservatives like Ted Cruz who have threatened to shut down the federal government unless funding to Planned Parenthood is stopped. This bill now goes on to the Senate, where it will face huge opposition from Senate Democrats.

And then beyond that, there’s this little (insurmountable) issue for proponents of the bill:

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