#Hashtag: Scott Walker drops out


Scott Walker today has joined Texas Gov. Rick Perry as prominent Republican candidates for President that have dropped out of the running. After starting off as a top contender, often viewed as the biggest opposition to former front-runner Jeb Bush, Walker’s prospects have steadily and substantially fallen.

The Associated Press reacted today in their article “Wisconsin’s Walker exits ’16 race with harsh words for Trump,” detailing that “Walker, 47, tried to appeal to religious conservatives, tea party conservatives and the more traditional GOP base. He tried to cast himself as an unintimidated conservative fighter who had a record of victories in a state that hasn’t voted Republican for president since 1984. Like Perry, however, Walker found little room for such a message in a race dominated by Trump.”

The political scramble is well underway.

Guess he can go back to terrorizing teachers in Wisconsin. Good effort, Gov. Walker, I will sincerely miss your lack of presence both in the debates and seemingly in your own faculties.

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