#Hashtag: Hillary Clinton opposes Keystone Pipeline


Hillary Clinton, while speaking at a Des Moines forum on Tuesday, said that she opposes the prospective and controversial Keystone XL pipeline project.

This comes after months of not taking a side on the issue. Reasons for this have been proposed like not politically pressuring John Kerry or President Barack Obama on the issue, and even to due with her own role in the issue while she was Secretary of State.

Liberals happy with her stance, conservatives not, what else is new?

While increasing the U.S. supply of oil, it is also largely being cited as a job creating project. The BBC published an article “Keystone XL pipeline: Why is it so disputed?” which related that “The infrastructure project would create 42,000 jobs over a two-year construction period, the U.S. State Department estimates – 35 of which would remain after the pipeline is built.”

It is also a disaster environmentally, including affecting a great number of local communities as we dive into Canadian tar sands.

There is a lot of discussion devoted to the project on both sides, but one of the most interesting parts of that discussion is an interactive documentary-video game hybrid called Fort McMoney. According to The Globe and Mail “players can dig through about eight hours of interviews and conversations with the real residents of Fort McMurray, a city which lies at the heart of Canada’s oil sands. The game asks players to choose whether the city should help crank oil production up to 11, or if it should essentially shut down the industry.”

Hopefully this becomes more of a vocal issue in the campaign, and leads to a broader discussion of where the country’s future in energy is.

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