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U.S. farm shows lack of diversity in crops over past 30 years

Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, North Dakota State and K-State shows that fewer crop types are appearing on Kansas farms, according to K-State Research and Extension. The research tracks 34 years of farming as well as the decrease in diversity among crops; the loss of crop diversity could impact the ecosystem.

Jonathan Aguilar, K-State water resources engineer and lead researcher on the study, said to K-State Research and Extension that the lack of diversity seen in Kansas was part of a larger national trend.

The research was partially funded by K-State Open Access fund. Preliminary results were published in August.

K-State to work with Beef Cattle Institute and K Coe Isom for educational and communications resources

K-State will partner with K Coe Isom and the Beef Cattle Institute to bring new educational and communication resources to campus. The agreement was publicized Tuesday, according to K-State News and Communication Services.

With the new online education and training program, producers can access research provided by the Beef Cattle Institute’s Beef Quality Assurance program.

In addition, a summit will be held to share the latest research from academia, market trends and practices for various categories such as economics, environment and animal care, according to the press release.

The director of sustainability and supply-chain solutions at K Coe Isom, Sara Harper, said to K-State News and Communication Services that the new program could significantly help them manage against future risks.

“We are excited to work with K-State and we hope others in the industry will join our efforts to bring good information to the public and to producers who may not always have the tools they need to communicate how they are improving on sustainability issues.”

Two suspects arrested for shooting in Topeka on Tuesday

Calmetrius T Andrews, 32, and Zachariah JT Andrews, 25, of Topeka, have been identified as suspects in a shooting that sent two people to the hospital, according to WIBW.

Zachariah and Calmetrius have both been charged with felony obstruction. Calmetrius was also charged with aggravated battery, possession of cocaine and marijuana, felon in possession of a firearm, aggravated assault, criminal damage of property and other traffic-related charges.

A gunshot was reported around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. Officers arrived to find a vehicle speeding away from scene. A short pursuit followed, and then suspects fled the vehicle.

The victims, a male and female, arrived at a local hospital separately and were treated for minor gunshot wounds.

Investigation of the incident continues.

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