News Briefs


Riley County Jail inmate escapes custody

After being granted work release privileges, an inmate held in Riley County Jail failed to return to jail. The inmate was confined with a warrant for probation violation, according to RCPD.

RCPD has released no further details on the matter as of this time. However, authorities do not have evidence to believe that the public is threatened or in danger as a result of this incident.

Process to rename K-State Salina started

It was announced last week by president Kirk Schulz that K-State’s Salina campus could be renamed the Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus, according to Little Apple Post.

In order for this name change to take place, the proposal must first be approved by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Schulz tweeted last Wednesday that the university has already initiated the renaming process with the Board of Regents and that more details on the matter are soon to come.

Despite the fact that the name-changing process has already begun, residents of the Salina area, K-State alumni and others, who oppose the renaming of the Salina campus, have started a petition with the intention to impact any decisions.

Firefighters respond to small fire at Throckmorton Hall

Seventeen firefighters from Manhattan Fire Department responded to a small fire on the third floor of Throckmorton Hall Wednesday evening around 5:20 p.m., according to K-State Today.

The fire, caused by seeds that ignited inside an oven during an experiment, led to minor damage to contents and equipment, but no structure damage, resulting in an estimated $4,000 total in damages.

No injuries were reported due to this incident.

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