K-State students cozy up homes with fall decorations

Low-cost fall decoration ideas can be found online, escpeciall on Pinterest. (Vickie McCarty | Public Domain Photo)

When cool crisp air finally settles in after a long, hot summer and the green begins to fade from September trees, turning the leaves into hues of gold and crimson, autumn has arrived in Manhattan.

Along with its blustery days and spiced Starbucks drinks, autumn brings daydreams of never ever leaving the comfort of one’s home again, left in peace for the rest of the season to lounge around in large sweaters with so much time and so little to do.

This fall, like many others before it, is likely to supply many much-needed days spent snuggled up at home, so some K-State students plan to decorate their living spaces in the spirit of the season, with comfortable favorites and fresh do-it-yourself projects.

Abby Webb, sophomore in theater, said she enjoys visiting pumpkin patches and being outdoors during autumn. However, she said that one of her favorite fall activities is cozying up with “cold” Halloween movies by Tim Burton in her apartment, and she plans to decorate for comfy nights in fall with classic candles.

“I like the smell, and they just make everything feel warmer and cozier,” Webb said. Apple cinnamon, I think, is my favorite (fall candle scent) because it’s just what my mom always used growing up.”

Webb said Pinterest is a good place to find low-budget decoration ideas for the upcoming season, and also said bringing in some of fall’s most basic aspects, such as pumpkins and red and orange-colored pieces, is a surefire way to cozy up any home.

“Pinterest is great for a lot of DIY stuff,” Webb said. “Take old things you have, and kind of make them new.”

According to Deneisha Abercrombie, sophomore in animal sciences and industry, choosing colors is key when decorating for autumn. Along with buying or making additional pillows and blankets to cuddle up with, choosing or creating pieces using colors found in autumnal nature is one of the simplest ways to achieve the desired seasonal vibe, even while living on a budget in the residence halls.

“I could put more blankets and more pillows in, and put up more orange and more brown versus the yellows and blues that I have in there now,” Abercrombie said. “Orange and brown are fall-ish colors. They’re very warm and toasty, and it provides that warm and comforting feeling, whereas blue is sunny.”

Taylor Cowell, freshman in open option, said it could be challenging to decorate her residence hall room this year, but photos of favorite memories and some seasonal scrapbook paper can be an easy autumn dress-up for any space.

“What I do is I try to incorporate the fall colors into my room, and one way I can do that is using scrapbook paper,” Cowell said. “I’ll pick out some cute ones with leaves and fall colors, and then I’ll put some pictures on those and hang them up for a cute decoration.”

Besides bringing in fall colors, Cowell said baking or cooking with fall foods, such as apples and pumpkins, or even just having them around at home can bring the beauty of autumn inside.

“I’m really excited for apple season for fall- that always comes with it,” Cowell said. “I’m really excited to carve pumpkins, too, if I get the chance.”

While the weather outside may turn chilly and gray when autumn comes around, K-State students continue to find ways, each year, to warm up their homes and enjoy the season’s underlying vibrance with creative and finance-friendly decorations.

Danielle Cook
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