#Hashtag: New ‘Daily Show’ debuts new host


Trevor Noah, the young South African comedian following in the shoes of the long-time “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart made his debut last night.

Replacing someone beloved, and so good at his craft, is always a little weird. It has to happen, though, and surely hot takes will follow. Reviews on the new show’s opener were somewhat mixed, but it seems largely positive.

Material ranged from the Pope’s visit, to Speaker John Boehner’s leaving (some clever allusions to Stewart’s leaving too) and even the news of water found on Mars. We saw old correspondents and new, and Noah’s smile carried him through this big step in the transition.

Hi, I’m Jonathan. I graduate this December, majoring in Anthropology, with minors in Creative Writing and Political Science. After that … we’ll see. Maybe graduate school in environmental anthropology. Maybe I’ll finally pursue my old childhood dream of becoming an infomercial host. It’s up in the air. Some of my interests and hobbies include devout sports fanaticism, religious study, and composing country songs that serve to explain the unearthly amount of disdain I have for country music. My band’s called Catfish Hurricane, you should check us out. Well, actually, you shouldn’t. I love writing, which is how I accidentally stumbled into this job. This stumbling into good things is my plan for life in general.